Inspirations for Landscapes… are just the beauty of the earth. We are blessed to be a part of such a diverse and beautiful land. Seasons, weather and location all are change factors. I don’t do justice to the beauty but I enjoy trying to extend the moment by painting this scenic world.

Sun Drenched Beach Before Storm Clouds Arrive
Le Carousel at NYC Bryant Park
My Sunset Is Your Sunrise
Purple Sunset Over Lake Apopka
December Sky Sunset
The Swaying Fern Fronds
Autumn Field on the Farm
Lake View of the Teton Mountains
Winding Path to a Normandy Beach
Summer Flowers Are Taking Over
Ralph’s Barn
Aspens Reaching for the Sky
Sunny Day in the Foxglove Garden
School Bus Drop-Off
Afternoon Shadows Across the Lawn
Tangled and Thick Tree Moss
Meandering Creek in the Woods
Birch Tree Securely Rooted
Deep in the Washington Hoh Rain Forest
Favorite Tree Landscapes Interconnected
Seagulls Sunning at Pebble Beach
Sunset at Sedona Plateau
White Clouds Fill the Sky
Sunrise on Hilton Head Beach

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