Meandering Creek in the Woods

Inspired by…the wildness of the tangled vines and branches surrounding the meandering creek in the woods.

Black and white drawing of a meandering creek in the woods
Meandering Creek in the Woods (2018)
Mixed Media on Bristol Board, 18″x24″
Original – $900
Prints available

The morning light provided a range of depth in the landscape. The atmospheric light of the distant trees contrasted to the darkly shadowed bank of the creek bed. The texture of the large, gnarly and sunlit tree in the foreground, anchors the drawing.  The sun glinted on the fallen trees and the mass of tangled branches.  Ink washes were used to layer the grey of the sky, ground and shadows.  Additional details were added with liquid charcoal, black and white charcoal pencils and ink.  Plein air drawing requires quick, gestural drawing because the light of the sun continually changes which affects the lighting and the shadows in the landscape.  

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