December Sky Sunset

Inspired by… a stunning December sky sunset. It was intensely bright, almost blinding with the yellow and orange reflections on the clouds.

sunset with dark trees and power lines against bight orange and yellow clouds
December Sky Sunset (2019)
Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 16″ x 1 1/4″
Original – $900
Prints available

I was driving in early December and the sunset was brilliant. As I headed west the sun was so bright it blacked out everything close to me. At the top of the hill you could only see the outline of the trees against the backdrop of yellow and orange of the sunset. I had to stop the car, pull over and try to capture the setting. The scene was in the back of my mind for months until I finally painted it. It makes me happy to relive this capsulated moment in time.

This artwork was exhibited in the Southwest Artist, Inc. 2020 National Small Works Juried Show held at the Mena Art Gallery, Mena, AK. Click here to view the show.

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