Still Life

Inspirations for Still Life.. are both natural and man made items that are depicted in a unique manner. Artistically it provides the freedom to experiment with the arrangement and composition the subject elements.

Onions in Black and White
Studio Paintbrushes on the Windowsill
Sweet Summer Peach Harvest
Sumer Hostas in Black and White
Monotone Shapes and Shadows
African Artifacts – Basket and Seedpod Belt
Textural and Decorative Balls
Colorful Cactus in the Southwest
Metal and Wood Rusting Away
Fall Foliage Attached to Metal Siding
End of the Road
Yellow Zinnia – Close Up
Vibrant Hot Pink Zinnia
Yellow and Orange Zinnia
Three Onions in Color
Waiting for the Perfect Moment to be Picked
Triangles, Cups and Other Objects
Fabric Draped on the Wall
Circles, Triangles, Rectangles and Other Shapes

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