African Artifacts – Basket and Seedpod Belt

Inspired by… the craftsmanship and texture of the African artifacts, the handmade Botswana basket and the seedpod belt.

A drawing of an African basket and seed pod belt
African Artifacts – Basket and Seedpod Belt (2018)
Charcoal and Ink on Colored Paper, 7″ x 19″
Permanent Collection of the Anderson Arts Center

I inherited these artifacts from a family member that lived and worked in Zambia and South Africa for several years. I loved the details and the craftsmanship of the items.

This drawing won the 2019 Callie Stringer Rainey Award at the Anderson Arts Center, Anderson, SC and is in their permanent art collection.

African Artifacts was selected for the Greenville Technical College 2020 Blue GraniteReview journal. The journal showcases visual artwork and literature including fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction of Greenville Tech students. 

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