Fall Foliage Attached to Metal Siding

Inspired by… the fall foliage attached to the metal siding rusted and pitted from years of exposure to natures elements.

Fall foliage attached to rusted metal siding
Fall Foliage (2019)
Oil on Canvas, 25” x 25” x 1/2″
Original – $1500
Prints available

I was attracted to the weathered metal siding that had become pitted with rust. The cool blue-grey streaks of the aluminum siding provide a sharp contrast to the warm analogous colors of reds and oranges in the rest of the metal sheeting. The fall vine foliage had attached itself to metal siding in the pitted textures created by deterioration. I liked how the fall leaves were clinging to the last green of of the summer season while transitioning into the yellows, reds and browns of fall colors.

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