End of the Road

Inspired by… a weathered tractor trailer, pitted by rust, covered with foliage that had now reached its last destination at the end of the road.

back view of a rusted red trailer with foliage growing on it - the end of the road for the trailer
End of the Road (2019)
Oil on Canvas, 25″ x 25″ x 1/2″
Original – $1500
Prints Available

I choose this cropped view of the back left corner of an abandoned tractor trailer container because of the intense value contrasts.  Bright sunlight creates bold shadows from spring vines on the side of the trailer. Oxidation has eaten away at the metals edges leaving holes in areas. The two point perspective of the trailer, the red metal door and hinges contrasts with the white peeling paint, which creates its own abstracted composition on the structure.

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